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Corporate Philosophy/企業理念

Management Objective “Business Continuity”/経営の目的は「永続」


Furusato Group sets our management objective as “business continuity” to consistently fulfill our responsibilities to our stakeholders.
In order to achieve this, we will strive to be an indispensable corporate group in the society.

Basic Management Principle/基本思想

“Customer First”/「お客様重視」


With the aim of being an indispensable corporate group in the market in which we operate, we will put our top priority on providing supplies and services to satisfy our customers’ needs and take every actions from the “ customer first” standpoint.



In order to be accepted and receive recognition by the society, we will comply with laws and rules as a corporate citizen and strive to improve our corporate quality.

Code of Conduct/行動規範

Taking actions to pursue our corporate quality/企業の品質を高める取り組み




We will work hard to improve our “corporate quality” to be an indispensable corporate group in the society as our key priority.

We will seriously work on the quality and safety of supplies and services based on our concept of quality assurance.

We will conduct reliable corporate activities in accordance with laws, regulations, social norms, etc.

Establishing a trust through sound conducts without behaving in an arrogant manner/背伸びをせず堅実な行動による信頼




We will set our goals based on a sound way of thinking without behaving in an arrogant manner and aim to achieve it steadily.

We will constantly communicate with all stakeholders in a respectful and modest manner.

We will maintain appropriate business relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Providing customers anything they need, in the amounts, in the timing, and to the place as requested./必要な物を、必要な時に、必要な量だけ、必要な場所まで




We prioritize providing anything customers need in the way requested.

We will focus on enhancing merchandise strategies, logistic systems, trainings, etc. in order to realize it.

To be trusted by the customers is the most important factor to ensure the business continuity of Furusato Group.